John Cena vs Samoa Joe - Dream Match RAW

John Cena vs Samoa Joe – 4th September SummarSlam Dream Match

John Cena will face Samoa Joe in the dream match against Samoa on the September 4 on Monday
night Raw. John Cena can be seen in Raw brand since SummerSlam because he is now a free agent and is no longer part of SmackDown Live. At first it was reported that John Cena had been advertised for No Mercy PPV, after which it was assumed that now he can become a part of the RAW.

The most positive part of it is that they can now fight a lot of dream matches, because they are no longer tied to a brand. Recently, his match took place with Shinsek Nakamura and he will face Barron Corbin in SummerSlam.

According to Givemysport, in that episode Cena and Samoa can be a match, But keep in mind that these things can also change in the last minute. Apart from that, there is a street fight between Roman Renaiss and Braun Stroman. The episode of SmackDown Live Live today and the next week's SmackDown Live event John Cena will be the last episode in the SmackDown Roster.

Cena's Scheduled To Be Scheduled in The Coming Months

August 12 (Raw) Augusta Live Event
August 13 (Raw) Worshore Live Event August
August 14 (SmackDown Live) Springfield
August 20 (SummerSlam) Brooklyn

In New York

September 3 (Raw)
Wells Fargo Arena Live Event
September 4 (Raw TV)
September 17 (Raw)
China's ShenJen Bay Sports
September 24 (No Mercy)
Los Angeles Johnson with Sara SummerBill
However, SmackDown LIVE General Manager Daniel Bryan hit the scene to announce that the two Superstars would indeed settle the score in a one-on-one bout at SummerSlam!


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