Another Player with a Bouncer on His Head

After Philip Hughes, another player with a bouncer on his dead

After the death of Australian batsman Phillip Hughes one has got rid of the ball on the batsman's head. According to the report, on August 14, during a club cricket match in Pakistan, the player took a bouncer in the head, due to which he had to die. 

Zubair Ahmed was the player. Who was not wearing a helmet and was told that when he came to bat, he did not wear helmets on his head to defend,  Twitted to the Pakistan Cricket Board.  The Pakistan Cricket Board told, "The tragic death of Zubair once again gives us the lesson that safety helmet should always be worn. Our sympathy is with the family of Zubair Ahmad.

Similar to Phillip Hughes

The maid of Incident Zubair Ahmed once again reminded Philip Hughes. Along with Zubair, similar incidents occurred with Philip Hughes. Australian batsman Phillip Hughes 27 times got rid of the ball on his head in 2014. This incident was one of the biggest events in the history of cricket. After this incident, Australia's players still break down completely while remembering the incident.

Once again there was a big accident on the field of cricket Similar to Phillip Hughes and once again a player lost his life. This time this incident has happened in Pakistan. Playing in Pakistan's club cricket match Zubair Ahmed lost his life. Zubair was dying due to a ball on his head during the match. This young batsman did not wear a helmet while batting in the match and he had to pay the price of this young player with his life.

David Warner also Struck in Neck by Bouncer

It was not only Zubair Ahmed who was hit by a bouncer on 14th of August but Aussie cricketer David Warner also faced a similar delivery. The Australian team was practicing in Darwin for their next tour Bangladesh and the squad was divided into two teams for an intra-squad battle. David Warner and Steve Smith were the two captains and the previous suffered a hurt during the match. Warner was hit by a Josh Hazlewood delivery on the head resultant in his fall. The batsman was taken off the ground for treatment instantly.


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