Watch 2016 Rio Olympic Opening Ceremony: Final Torch Bearer

It has been followed in Olympic that The moment the final torchbearer receives the Olympic flame is one which ignites much more than the cauldron within the stadium.

Final Torch Bearer

The show of the Opening Ceremony works to the minute when the Olympic fire at long last lands inside the stadium and is passed to the last light conveyor to light the Olympic cauldron.

Two ladies broadly separated hindrances as definite light bearers. Norma Enriqueta Basilio turned into the primary lady to light the Olympic cauldron at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.

In 1984, Los Angeles was the phase for Rafer Johnson to wind up the primary African-American to light the Olympic cauldron. Johnson was at that point in the record books as the main African-American to go about as banner conveyor for the United States designation amid the Parade of Nations in 1960 in Rome.

At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Australian track star Cathy Freeman gladly spoke to the persecuted Aborigine individuals on the most amazing of Olympic stages as she lit a cauldron which encompassed her with flame and falling water as it rose to the highest point of the stadium.

Contending and winning gold at the 1960 Rome Olympics under a name he would later desert, Muhammad Ali made a champion's arrival to the Olympic Games to light Atlanta's 1996 cauldron to stunning cheers, while uncovering his own fight with the impacts of Parkinson's infection.

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A minute which undoubtedly had numerous pondering, "Is this a smart thought?"; Spanish Paralympic bowman Antonio Rebollo terminated a flaring bolt skyward toward Barcelona's Olympic cauldron in 1992, touching off the fire like nobody had ever done some time recently.

The 2012 London Opening Ceremony saw seven youthful Olympic hopefuls, each selected by a previous Olympic champion of Great Britain, touch off a cauldron of 204 spread "petals," one for each country contending at the Games. The petals then moved to an upright position framing the Olympic cauldron on the stadium floor.


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