Watch 2016 Rio Olympic Opening Ceremony: Release of Doves

A tragic occurrence in 1988 prompted more typical and imaginative release of birds at the Olympic Games. After the sad accident in Seoul, live pigeons were discharged well before the lighting of the cauldron in Barcelona in 1992.

Release of Doves

Live birds were released amid the Opening Ceremony as an image of world peace, yet some of the pigeons were copied alive or endured real injury by the lighting of the Olympic cauldron. As an aftereffect of challenges taking after the episode, the last time live pigeons were discharged at the Opening Ceremony was in 1992 in Barcelona, hours before the fire was lit. Inflatable pigeons were discharged in 1994 at the Lillehammer Winter Games and paper birds were utilized at the Atlanta Ceremony as a part of 1996.
It is trusted that homing pigeons were utilized amid the old Olympic Games as an approach to ready families and towns of the place where they grew up Olympian's triumph, so to permit enough time to set up a legend's welcome for the returning competitor.

The release of birds as an indication of peace and flexibility began in 1896 in Athens, and formally turned out to be a piece of the Olympic Opening Ceremony program at the 1920 Antwerp Games. In 1936, German coordinators chose to discharge the fowls preceding the lighting of the Olympic cauldron. This technique was changed after Seoul's Opening Ceremony in 1988, be that as it may, after more than a couple discharged fowl rested on the Olympic cauldron as it was lit.

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Lately it has ended up normal for the release of birds to be taken care of typically as opposed to truly. In London in 2012, English rock band Arctic Monkeys played out The Beatles' 1969 outline topping tune "Meet up" as cyclists in lit up bird outfits accelerated in development around the Olympic stadium.


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