Rio 2016 Olympics Trampoline Gymnastics Schedule

Uplifting news for All Trampoline fans, Rio 2016 Olympics Trampoline Gymnastics Schedule has been published.
Gymnastics forms proposed to be cast in Rio 2016 Olympics
Three tumbling orders will be challenged at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro: imaginative aerobatic, cadenced acrobatic and trampolining. All vaulting occasions are organized at the Arena Olímpica do Rio (otherwise called the HSBC Arena) from August 6th to 21st. In this post we are going to represent to Rio 2016 Olympics Trampoline Gymnastics Schedule.

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About Trampoline Gymnastics
Purpose of the Game
Why To Watch this?
Rio Olympics 2016 Trampoline Gymnastics Schedule
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About Trampoline Gymnastics

A staggering presentation of somersaults and aeronautical aerobatic exhibition, trampoline has been a piece of the Olympic Games since Sydney 2000. Men and ladies contend independently, skipping up to statures that can surpass eight meters.

Purpose of the Game

Skipping on a trampoline to statures of eight meters, competitors perform aerobatic developments, for example, curves and somersaults in mid-air, and are recompensed focuses for trouble, execution and flight time.

Why to Watch This?

The specialized splendor and magnificence of the moves these competitors perform will abandon you wheezing in awe.

Rio 2016 Olympics Trampoline Gymnastics Schedule

Friday 12 August 2016
Women's Individual Qualifications and Final (22:30 PM)

Saturday 13 August 2016
Men's Individual Qualifications and Final (22:30 PM)

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