Rio 2016 Olympic Rugby Schedule

After a long wait, Olympics Official Board has announced Rio 2016 Rugby Schedule. 
The rugby competitions at the Summer Olympics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro are wanted to happen from 6 to 11 August at the Olympic Deodoro Stadium.

In spite of the fact that the 15-player form of the game showed up at the Olympic Games somewhere around 1900 and 1924, Rio 2016 imprints the presentation of rugby sevens, a speedier, shorter adaption. Courage, aptitude and pace will be in plenitude in the men's and ladies' competitions.

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Rugby Seven at Rio 2016 Olympic
A brief on Rugby Exclusion
A brief on Rugby re-inclusion
Rio 2016 Olympic Rugby Schedule
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Rugby Seven at Rio 2016 Olympic

Despite the fact that rugby has not been included in the Olympics since the 1924 Summer Olympics in any structure, the IOC decided to re-present the seven-a-side form of the game for the recreations. The games will highlight for in any event this and the 2020 Summer Olympics.

A Brief on Rugby Exclusion

The pitch attack at the 1924 Paris Olympics had given rugby a poor picture and this, together with the issues of pulling in adequate groups to make it a feasible game and the craving to incorporate more individual and ladies' occasions, spelled the passing sound for rugby at the Olympics.

A Brief on Efforts for re-inclusion

Italy in 1960, the Soviet Union in 1980, and South Korea in 1988 made solicitations to have rugby union brought back. The 1980 solicitation did not pass, and the 1988 recreations approached but rather neglected to see the game's confirmation, which was supported by the International Rugby Football Board. On 13 August 2009 it was reported that the IOC official board was suggesting rugby sevens for consideration in the 2016 Olympic Games and on 9 October 2009 the full IOC, at its 121st IOC Session in Copenhagen, voted to incorporate Rugby Sevens in the 2016 recreations. 

Here we have Rio 2016 Olympic Rugby Schedule

Saturday 6 August 2016
Women's Pool round matches 1-6 (19:30 PM)
Women's Pool round matches 7-12 (12:30 AM)

Sunday 7 August 2016
Women's Pool round matches 13-18 (19:30 PM)
Women's Quarterfinals and placing (9-12)

Monday 8 August 2016
Women's Semifinals and placing (5-12) (21:00 PM)
Women's Medal Matches and Placing (5-8) (2:00 AM)

Tuesday 9 August 2016 
Men's Pool round matches 1-6 (19:30 PM)
Men's Pool round matches 7-12 (12:30 AM)

Wednesday 10 August 2016
Men's Pool round matches 13-18 (19:30 PM)
Men's Quarterfinals and placing (9-12) (12:30 AM)

Thursday 11 August 2016
Men's Semifinals and placing (5-12) (21:00 PM)
Men's Medal Matches and Placing (5-8) (2:00 AM)  

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