Rio 2016 Olympics Schedule

Rio 2016 Olympics Schedule, Day By Day Events to Watch Online.
The complete Rio Olympics competition schedule has been released. Fans can plan their calendar to watch Rio Summer Olympics 2016 Games.

Here’s  complete Rio 2016 Olympics Schedule datewise (All the times are Estern):

Friday, Aug. 5 — Opening Ceremony
The Olympics will open at the famed Maracanã. Preliminary soccer matches will be played the preceding two days. It has been followed since 2000.
The Opening Ceremony will be highlighted by the Parade of Nations and cauldron lighting, the final torch bearer always a closely guarded secret.

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Saturday, Aug. 6 — Day 1
1Gymnastics3 p.m.Men’s qualification
2Swimming9 p.mThe women’s 4x100m freestyle relay could be another U.S.-Australia duel

Sunday, Aug. 7 — Day 2
1Gymnastics3 p.m.Women’s qualification
2Swimming9 p.mThe men’s 4x100m freestyle relay has traditionally been a marquee event

Monday, Aug. 8 — Day 3
1Gymnastics3 p.m.Men’s team final
2Fencing3:30 p.mWomen’s saber medal rounds
3Rugby4:30 p.mWomen’s medal matches
4Swimming9 p.mThe 100m backstroke finals

Tuesday, Aug. 9 — Day 4
1Gymnastics3 p.m.Women’s team final
2Swimming9 p.mThe women’s 200m free final

Wednesday, Aug. 10 — Day 5
1Gymnastics3 p.m.Men’s all-around final
2Swimming9 p.mThe men’s 100m free final

Thursday, Aug. 11 — Day 6
1Judo2:30 p.m.Women’s 78kg medal rounds
2Gymnastics3 p.m.Women’s all-around final
3Rugby4:30 p.m.Men’s medal matches
4Swimming9 p.mMen’s all-around final

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Friday, Aug. 12 — Day 7
1Shooting3 p.m.Women’s skeet
2Swimming9 p.m.The men’s 100m free final

Saturday, Aug. 13 — Day 8
1Shooting7 a.m.Women’s singles medal matches
2Swimming7:50 a.m.Women’s eight
3Track and Field7 p.mThe world’s fastest woman will be crowned in the 100m final
4Swimming9 p.mwomen’s 50m free, men’s 1500m free

Sunday, Aug. 14 — Day 9

1Tennis6 a.m.Men’s singles final
2Golf6:30 a.mMen’s final round
3Gymnastics1 p.mApparatus finals include women’s vault
4Track and Field7 p.mThe world’s fastest man will be crowned in the 100m final

Monday, Aug. 15 — Day 10
1Gymnastics6 a.m.The artistic gymnastics competition concludes with three apparatus finals
2Track and Field6:30 a.mThe women’s 1500m

Wednesday, Aug. 17 — Day 12
1Track and Field7 p.m.The 100m hurdles
2Beach Volleyball9 p.mWomen’s medal matches

Thursday, Aug. 18 — Day 13

1Track and Field7 p.m.Bolt expects the 200m final to be the last individual race of his Olympic career
2Beach Volleyball9 p.mMen’s medal matches

Friday, Aug. 19 — Day 14

1Water Polo6 a.m.Women’s final
2Wrestling3 p.mMen’s 74kg freestyle medal matches
3Soccer4:30 p.mWomen’s final
4Track and Field7 p.mBolt expects the 4x100m final (9:35) to be the last race of his Olympic career

Saturday, Aug. 20 — Day 15
1Golf6 a.m.Women’s final round
2Triathlon10 a.mWomen’s race
3Basketball2:30 p.mWomen’s final
4Diving3:30 p.mMen’s platform final
5Soccer4:30 p.mMen’s final
6Track and Field7 p.mThe last night of competition includes the 4x400m relays
7Volleyball9:15 p.mWomen’s final

Sunday, Aug. 21 — Day 16
1Track and Field8:30 a.m.The men’s marathon takes to the Rio streets
2Volleyball12:15 p.mMen’s final
3Boxing1 p.mWomen’s middleweight final
4Basketball2:45 p.mMen’s final
5Closing Ceremony4:30 p.mThe Olympic cauldron will be extinguished at the Maracanã

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