All time Olympics Medals List

Here we have All time Olympics Medals List table starting from Begining of the Olympic.
Other than the adoration and energy its additionally about the quantity of awards and the pride related !! YES, Number of olympics Medals won by every nation is a decent visual to see accomplishment of a nation in games.

So the questions are:
Do you know which nation has the most elevated Medals in Olympics ?
Have you ever checked the record-breaking Olympics Medals list?
How and When Olympic Games Started?
Types of Medals and Its Description?
Number of Awards Occasion in Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games!
Rules and Process to Qualify for Olympics!
How the Medals are decorated to the Champs?
All-time Olympic Games medal table?

No Problem if not checked yet. Here we bring you Olympics All time Medals count and brief answer to all of above questions. A decent time to look on it as we are drawing closer the Rio Summer Olympics Games 2016.

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Lets have a look on Brief History of Olympics Games

Following 1550 years Summer Olympic Games were again presented in 1896 by the name of Athens, Greece. This was the main present day Olympic Game which was started by Baron Pierre De Coubertine. Also, now we will have another amazing occasion of 22 century by the name "Rio 2016" (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil). The Winter Olympics were likewise made because of the accomplishment of Summer Olympics.

Type of Medals and Its Brief

The Summer Olympic Games are the worldwide multi-sport occasion, happening like clockwork, systematized by the International Olympic Committee. For every occasion won, decorations are honored to the victors of the amusement. Gold Medal is granted for the lead position, silver for second place and bronze for third champ and this pattern began in 1904.
From 1896 to 2014, an untouched medal rundown is organized beneath which incorporate Summer Olympic Games, Winter Olympic Games and mix of both. 1906 Intercalated Games are excluded in the award consider they were not perceived by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as official Games.

Number of Award Occasions

Amid these 17 days 306 award occasions will be held in which 136 occasions are for Women, 161 occasions for Men and 9 blended occasions. 32 rivalry venues will be spread crosswise over four areas of the city to be specific DEODORO, MARACANA, BARRA and COPACABANA.42 games will be challenged amid the whole 17 days occasion. To guarantee that everything runs easily 32 test occasions will be organized.

How the Medals are decorated to the Champ?

After the Olympic occasion is done, decoration service is held for honoring award to the champs. The awards are given by IOC individuals and afterward the national banners of the medalist are raised after the national song of praise of the gold medalist's nation. It's a custom that the men's marathon awards are given as a piece of Summer Closing Ceremony at the Olympic Stadium.

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Rules and Process to qualify for Olympics

The majority of the Nations frequently qualify groups for group activities through mainland succeeding rivalries. In this each mainland affiliation is given an unmistakable number of games in the Olympic competition. Every country might be implied by close to one group for every opposition.
The capability rules for each of the Olympic games are built up by the International Sports Federations (IFs) that decides that game's global rivalry. For particular games, contenders ordinarily qualify through accomplishing a persuaded place in the principle worldwide occasion or on the positioning rundown of International Sports Federation. There is an all inclusive tenet which pronounces that most extreme three individual competitors may speak to every country per rivalry. NOC (National Olympics Committee) may enter a limited number of competent members in every occasion and they just choose which qualified contenders to decision as delegates in every occasion if more have fulfilled the standard than can be entered.

All-time Olympic Games medal table

A record-breaking award table for all Olympic Games from 1896 to 2014, including Summer Olympic Games, Winter Olympic Games, and a consolidated aggregate of both, is classified beneath. These Olympic decoration numbers do exclude the 1906 Intercalated Games which are no more perceived by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as official Games. The IOC itself does not distribute unequaled tables, and distributes informal tables just per single Games. This table was in this way assembled by including single passages from the IOC database.

All time Medals won by the different Nations

SR.Country NameNo of GamesGold MedalsSilver MedalsBronze MedalsTotal Medals
1United States (USA)269767576662399
2Soviet Union (URS)93953192961010
3Great Britain (GBR)27236272272780
4China (CHN)9201145127473
5France (FRA)27202 223 246 671
6Germany (GER)15 174 182 217 573
7Italy (ITA)26 198 166 185 549
8Hungary (HUN)25 167 144 165 476
9Sweden (SWE)26 143 164 176 483
10East Germany (GDR)5 153 129 127 409
11Russia (RUS)5 133 121 142 396
12Australia (AUS)25 138 153 177 468

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